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The 13 Most Beautiful Things in the World: My Choice

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A couple of days ago, my friend Mher Krikorian (@krikOrianm) asked on Twitter: “What is the most beautiful thing in the world?”

My fingers immediately went to my keyboard to answer, then I got thinking there would be so many more than could be listed in 140 characters.

I didn’t notice any replies, at least on the timeline Mher and I share.

I have been mulling it over since and kept adding to the list. There are so many beautiful things.

It was a good exercise to get away from all the news of violence and drums of war and focus on appreciation.

My immediate thought went to places, but although well traveled, it would be presumptuous in such a large universe.

Here are a few of the “things” that for me are the most beautiful in the world:

  1. Kindness
  2. Generosity of spirit and largesse
  3. A smile
  4. The love and protection of siblings
  5. The love given and returned to the special one
  6. Books
  7. Birdsong
  8. The sun
  9. Nature
  10. The sea
  11. Pink Floyd
  12. My home
  13. Good health

I could go on and on…

What do you consider the most beautiful thing in the world?

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