Breaking News: Explosions in Egypt – Updated

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I do not want to start the new year with bad news like this but just from an hour ago a huge explosion was heard in Miami area and according to early media report it was an explosion that took place in front of the All saints church at the Khalil Hamda street.

According to eye witnesses the explosion sound was big , there were casualties , the ambulances were heard in Miami coming and going in a fearful sound in the first hour of the year. Some early reports speak about car bomb.

There are group of angry Christians according to eye witnesses heading to the area but there is a huge security siege in the area.

This is not how the new year should start.




  • The street of Khalil Hamda is vital , there is a mosque , church and hospital. It is very narrow street.
  • According to eye witnesses there was blood on the walls of the mosque.
  • Al Masry Al Youm speaks about 2 dead and 6 injured while Al Jazeera speaks about 10 dead and many more injured from Muslims and Christians, [CNN presently reporting 20 dead – Editor]
  • There are reportedly clashes between the Muslims and Christians in the area. The Christians are so angry.
  • Friday yesterday Alexandria witnessed a Salafi  protest attacking the Church because of the Camilla Shehata case.
  • Now there are 3 car bombs not only one.
  • All mobile and land line connections are reportedly down in Alexandria “need confirmation”
  • The National TV of Egypt also seems out of service because they are celebrating the new year’s eve and ignoring the the terrible scene in Alexandria.
  • The hospitals in the area are full of injured.
  • I am getting tweets and reports that there are no sectarian clashes
  • According to Al Jazeera there are 30 injured.
  • Blogger Jarelkamer is taking some snapshots from the area currently and it seems that there is a clash between the locals and the security forces. The locals are attacking the government.
  • The governor of Alexandria says that there  5 dead and 12 injured , it is the final toll though
  • Al Jazeera says that there are hundreds of Christians attacking the police and ambulances.
  • The Churches are on the high alert in Alexandria.
  • The security has began to use tear gas against the protesters from Christians and Muslims.
  • The Christians were holding a mass for the new year. Hundreds were in the church tonight , the photos of John Samy are terrible.”Extremely graphic”
  • More videos coming from Alexandri

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