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Saudi’s Kingdom Tower: The World’s Tallest Tale?

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What’s the story? The Kingdom Tower will become one of the world’s top tourism destinations once it is completed, senior project officials have said.

What you mean the one that will be built in Saudi? Yep

But it’s almost impossible to get a tourist visa into Saudi… Um, yes that’s true.

So… How can it become the world’s largest tourist attraction if you cannot get in the country to see it?  Um… From a distance maybe… It is quite big…

What a pointless story. True, but quite a pointy building.

One Response to Saudi’s Kingdom Tower: The World’s Tallest Tale?

  1. Maaz 20/06/2012 at 6:38 PM

    If I recall correctly. The building will be in the port city of Jeddah. Saudi Arabia’s annual Hajj pilgrims surpass 1 million per year. The majority of them fly through Jeddah.

    The rest of the year, there are other pilgrims who visit for the minor Hajj or Umrah. Again, the majority arriving through Jeddah.

    Despite all of the ‘potential’ visitors. It is a tall order to get every hajj and umrah visitor to check out the building. Perhaps they will provide incentives for visiting 🙂

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