James Mullan

News Analysis: Dubai Investors Fall for Niagara

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What’s the story?  The Mayor of Niagara Falls is very excited about a potential strategic partnership with investors from Dubai.

But he’s not as excited as the unnamed investors are? No, according to Mayor Jim Diodati, “they’re licking their chops” at the number of investment opportunities.

How edifying.  Any idea who these investors are? Nope.

Hmm. Any idea what is bringing on the collective salivation? Nope.

So we’re left to speculate. What fun.  Twinning with Hatta Pools?  A possible replica in the Hajjar Mountains? All will become clear in the fullness of time.

He was impressed then with the reception he received here?  “Everything they do, they do right. Everything they do is big. They have a can-do attitude. They don’t believe in mediocrity,” he said of Dubai. “We offered them a buffet table of opportunities in Niagara Falls, several of which they are interested in.”

“Buffet table” eh? Mayor Diodati clearly knows the way to our hearts in this part of the world. What next?  A trip to the Falls themselves by the mysterious collective.  Let’s hope the inevitable drenching on the boat trip doesn’t dim their ardour.

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