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MidEastPosts – 1000 Conversations Begun

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This is the 1000th post on MidEastPosts.com. 1000 conversations started. 1000 attempts at meaningful dialogue, discussion, debate – helping us to build, we think successfully, a platform for a different kind of coverage of what is happening in the Middle East.

This post is our chance to say thank you to everyone who has supported us – to the Tweeters that have helped get the stories out there, to those who have fuelled our motivation by their kind words of encouragement, but most of all to the bloggers whose platform this is.

When we started this journey our biggest fear was that there were not enough voices to make a credible conversation. We were wrong.

Over the course of the last eight months over 100 different bloggers, writers, journalists, and those who have just wanted to say something in the midst of crisis have come forward to play a part. We think – at times – they have created a site that is profound, beautifully written, touching, bright, intelligent, passionate, and very, very honest.

Of course, MidEastPosts is only as good as its last post, and it will continue to be a credible alternate source for breaking views for as long as people continue to come forward. So, this is also dedicated to the contributors of the next 1000 posts.

If you have been a regular reader of MidEastPosts, and have always wanted to take part – what is stopping you?

Register and you can post yourself. You’ll be edited of course before anything goes live, but all we ask is that you have a view, and can express it. Frankly, the more opinionated you are, the more you believe in what you write, the better.

The Arab Spring has shown us all words really can be more powerful than tanks and tear gas. Your opinion can make a difference, and we would be honoured if you made MidEastPosts.com your platform to get it out there.

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