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Conspiracy, Stupidity Hovers over Iran, Egypt

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Yesterday I said to watch out if an Egyptian government comes to power that reflects the mood of its people, as such a frightening percentage of Egyptians believe the most outlandish and imbecilic things about a phantasmagorical Israel that only exists in their minds.

What I worry about, of course, is a future Egyptian government that acts much like the current Iranian government.

And today Jeffrey Goldberg digs up an article from Iran’s government-run Press TV about the recent church-bombings in Egypt. “The fresh plot by terrorists to target churches,” it says, “is an organized Zionist scenario aimed at creating a rift between Muslims and Christians.”

Iran and Egypt are in many ways each others’ opposites. Egypt’s government doesn’t believe this crap, but many if not most of its people do. Hysterical nonsense like this is the molten core of the Iranian government’s ideology, but vastly fewer people who live in Iran take it seriously.

Israel today is at war with Tehran and has a peace treaty with Cairo, but I for one won’t be remotely surprised if the situation ten years from now is reversed.

UPDATE: The Saudis just captured a vulture and fear the bird is spying for Israel.

There is nothing the Israelis can do to appease this kind of reckless stupidity. They are hated in large part because the people who hate them are mad.

2 Responses to Conspiracy, Stupidity Hovers over Iran, Egypt

  1. jose garcia 27/01/2011 at 6:03 PM

    ..right…in the past 60 years,the west has destroyed their resources,didn’t have any respect for democracy and supported all arab dictaores..what do we have now? Tunisia,Egypt,Yemen and soon the master of all,Saudi arabia will rise against their rulers,who are puppet of the Israeles and Amaerican masters. Funny that the west talkes about democracy yet its verrsion of democracy is good as long as they don’t hurt israel and allow the west to take their oil,sell them weapon in billions and using iran as their enemy.Well,false again,as you guys lost iran some 30 years ago,its time again to lose all your clients and let the poor people chose their own government.The mother of all terrorists and criminals on earth are tghe israelies and the American with a combined nuclear weopon of 100000 warheads and they are scared of iran’s peacful program,give us a break,your time is up and people are rising up against your stupid puppets.

  2. Matt 06/01/2011 at 10:43 PM

    I have been hearing the Iranian regime would fall for 31 years, 32 next month so I doubt that Israel and Iran will be in that situation in 10 years. But it is possible Egypt will again become an enemy. The Jews get blamed for everything and have done through history. The facts are Israel has no strategic value in destabilizing Egypt for the reason you stated in this article. al-Qaida are behind those attacks in Egypt, there was an Egyptian connection to the Iraqi bombings and the attacks meant for Chicago. But regime change in Egypt serves the Iranians strategically and only the Iranians, they seek control of the Mid East by gaining access to choke points to complement the Straits of Hormuz. Hence their involvement in Yemen to gain access to the Gulf of Aden. IRG armed with silkworms and MANPADS, swarming tactics under a friendly proxy government. The Iranians want the US out of the Mid East to do that they need to have control over sea lanes, choke points. Then they can apply strategic denial to the US. Egypt know this which is why they take a hard line on Hamas, people think it is for Israel but the Iranian proxy base in Gaza has a dual purpose. Hamas armed with advanced MANPADS, anti-tank weapons, anti-ship missiles and rockets with extend range are just as much a threat to Egypt as they are to Israel. If Iran got control over the Suez Canal, Israel would just cut a canal along the Gaza/Egypt/Israeli border to the Gulf of Aqaba. Chavez plans for a separate route to the Panama Canal is an Iranian strategy.

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