Comment on Sunni-Shi’a Friction Takes Sharp Turn for Worse by David

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Qadaffi is obviously providing the blue print for others to follow. Lessons to be learned. 1, protests need to get to a critical mass quickly or the government regains equilibrium, 2. Protectors need to be clear on what they want otherwise there is no obvious end point and nowhere to get to, 3. Size matters, the smaller the population and the smaller the country the easier it is for the state to maintain control. 4. The people need to be one.

In Tunisia and Egypt the population acted in union, and very quickly. In libya, the east acted quickly, the west did not, in Bahrain, the protectors did not prove effective enough at getting to the point, and the small size of the country has made containment easier.

The game has not played out yet, and we all hope it ends well for everyone, but clearly a lot of lessons are there to be learned for everyone.

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