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Comment on Saudi Student’s Arrest Will Have Unplanned Repercussions in the U.S. by Simone

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A really good point… Living in the UK when the IRA used to plan terrorist campaigns across the country, everyone was very aware not to allow those campaigns to affect our thinking, how we lived our lives, or how our relations with others.

I remember very clearly for example, we never saw the problems as anything to do with Irish people. We always saw them as something to do with a small, misguided group of extremists. Of course, it helped we have always had huge populations of Irish people in the UK. Most of us have Irish blood somewhere!

Still it was always something that was clearly understood – don’t inflate what the IRA were doing with normal Irish people. That is something that the U.S. – and the rest of the world – should take on board with extremists from the likes of Saudi…

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