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Comment on Regarding Lara Logan: Don’t Let it Stain Tahrir by Simone

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@ Ara8, you are right. Of course, there is no justification for what happened to Lara, it is shameful, and the people who perpetrated the weak, cowardly act were part of the Tahrir celebrations. There is no getting away from the fact.

However, we need to try to see the two in separation. The good in the world that came from the people of Tahrir is not in any way lessened by the shameful act of what happened to Lara. I think that is what Zeinobia is saying. I think she may feel a little defensive because she is so proud about what was achieved – of which she is part. And she does not want the fire of that to go out because of something not related to it.

My heart goes to Lara. I hope they find the people who did it. Truly, shame on them.

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