Comment on Regarding Lara Logan: Don’t Let it Stain Tahrir by MadeInUSA

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Punks and criminals are facts of life in every country, the main difference is how well they are either taught their place when young, so they do not mature into adult punks, or controlled by the society around them so they do not assume they can get away with the usual things punks everywhere do.

I don’t think the _average_ american blames Egypt for this; the remarkable restraint of the crowds, the police and the military in Egypt speak highly of the character and common sense its citizens are capable of. People like Rush Limbaugh etc do have supporters here, but there are more who are disgusted with them.

In an ideal world, Arabs and Israelis both would exhibit this sort of restraint and easily solve the issues between them… but I think that would require an act of God, who is going to let humans sort it out with free will and then let us deal with the consequences of our ways.

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