Comment on Politics, Meddling and Al Jazeera’s Independence by David

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Was it not the Al Jazeera station chief in Beirut who is openly and virulently anti-Israel? As well as blatantly pro Hezzbollah? I recall the infamous birthday party hosted live on TV for a recently released terrorist.
Although I do not watch AJ, I do sometimes read their English website, whose comments are nearly always from one particular persuasion and feature Western academics who are situated to the left to far left. This to me is not balanced reporting and clearly shows a crass bias. At least on the written page.
From what I hear about the Arab language channel, the hosts and speakers often take sides and like to opine all to clearly, leaving no doubt about their position.
I fear that for those who do not speak Arabic, a clear understanding is not on offer. As the editorial content differs depending on the language.

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