Comment on Logan Assault a Symptom of Mubarak’s Egypt by Ken

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This event was terrible. The assault was a horrific crime.

Jounalists have become completely irresponsible. I watched a reporter step out of shelter and into high winds. Just then a large steel box flew past his head. It missed him by about 1 foot. All in the name of getting the story.

Here again. A journalist steps into a crazed mob where there is no hint of order in a society where females are NOT treated as equals. This was irresponsible, and her boss should be fired, and her employer sued for millioins for allowing her to be placed in harms way.

Sorry. This isn’t a he vs. she thing. If you step into harms way, don’t be surprised when you get harmed. If I jump out of a car going 80mph, will you call me brave? Nope. You would call me an idiot.

Well. In this instance Lara got raped. In other instances jounalists get shot or worse. Are they brave? Nope. Idiots.

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