Kefaya Punk

Comment on Arabic: Why it’s Failing, What Can be Done by Kefaya Punk

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An interesting article, but I wanted to express some thoughts.
I, and many others dislike Arabic language because it’s not our truly spoken language. In each country, or region, we speak distinct unrecognized languages, or dialects.
Arabic language is the language of Koran and that’s why it is enforced on us. Secularism hasn’t been adopted yet. We are being coercively forced to be Arabized, or being mind controlled to be happy to embrace Arabization by the politicized education and media.
We have no freedom of exchange of information. We have limited knowledge.
Those who are only literate in Arabic language won’t have the chance to know the realities about politics or science.
Question: What are the Arabic language information sources? :) They are normally anti-western, anti-secular, anti-Israeli and Islamist. So, those who know foreign languages, such as English, have a great opportunity to know the truth and become less misinformed.
Forcing us to be subjected to only Arabic information is dangerous. Because of our subjection to foreign languages (mostly English) we were able to demonstrate, because we were provided with real information, and not the censored propagandist misinformation available in locally/regionally-made Arabic language material/media.
S.O.S. Help us from Arabization :)

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