Regarding Lara Logan: Don’t Let it Stain Tahrir

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The news of Lara Logan’s brutal sexual and physical assault on February 11,2011 while covering our victory in Cairo has overshadowed the news of the revolution since yesterday.

First of all, I am extremely angry for what happened to Mrs.Logan , I am very sorry. I apologize to her and to her family.

We did not want this happen whether to her or any lady in our country in any time.

Second of all we do not know who was really behind the attack , whether they are NDP thugs or from those criminals that escaped jail or from some first time losers who had not participated in the revolution, yet decided to celebrate it as if it were the African cup of nations.

I will not even call them the anti-Mubarak protesters or the Tahrir protesters as some have started to do because this will be just another insult to those who endured too much in the past 3 weeks.

We do not have enough details except the statement of CBS News itself that was very brief.

Thirdly, I do not know why she had to leave immediately without going to an Egyptian hospital to get an immediate certified report and later continue her treatment in the States. Of course if I were in her place , I would not have stayed a single moment in this country. But I know how the mainstream will fire back and this is why I am speaking about a report. Our MSM has not spoken or admitted that they were partially responsible for the attacks  up till now by the way.

Fourthly, what happened to Logan does not give any person the right to stain this revolution or use it to attack the Egyptian people .

I know the American media will find something to speak about before the OSCARs now and I know the racists of the right will jump on the bandwagon. That has started already, we have been called “the country of savages” and others have claimed “this would not happen in time of Mubarak”. Ironically, Egyptian journalists and activists were sexually harassed publicly on the famous staircase of the syndication of journalists in 2005 by the orders of the Mubarak regime.

What happened to Logan does not give any right to any racist to attack us. Oddly enough I find on those same right wing websites people blaming the victim Logan herself too. We have their twin brothers too in Egypt!

Lara Logan already met troubles in her coverage thanks to the former regime and being a victim of a brutal attack like that in particular makes me wonder if it was deliberate attack.

I will not even speak about the role of the police force in securing Egypt and the festivities because we do not know where the police are…

3 Responses to Regarding Lara Logan: Don’t Let it Stain Tahrir

  1. MadeInUSA 17/02/2011 at 9:52 PM

    Punks and criminals are facts of life in every country, the main difference is how well they are either taught their place when young, so they do not mature into adult punks, or controlled by the society around them so they do not assume they can get away with the usual things punks everywhere do.

    I don’t think the _average_ american blames Egypt for this; the remarkable restraint of the crowds, the police and the military in Egypt speak highly of the character and common sense its citizens are capable of. People like Rush Limbaugh etc do have supporters here, but there are more who are disgusted with them.

    In an ideal world, Arabs and Israelis both would exhibit this sort of restraint and easily solve the issues between them… but I think that would require an act of God, who is going to let humans sort it out with free will and then let us deal with the consequences of our ways.

  2. Simone 17/02/2011 at 9:53 AM

    @ Ara8, you are right. Of course, there is no justification for what happened to Lara, it is shameful, and the people who perpetrated the weak, cowardly act were part of the Tahrir celebrations. There is no getting away from the fact.

    However, we need to try to see the two in separation. The good in the world that came from the people of Tahrir is not in any way lessened by the shameful act of what happened to Lara. I think that is what Zeinobia is saying. I think she may feel a little defensive because she is so proud about what was achieved – of which she is part. And she does not want the fire of that to go out because of something not related to it.

    My heart goes to Lara. I hope they find the people who did it. Truly, shame on them.

  3. Ara8 17/02/2011 at 2:10 AM

    I’m sorry but you seem to ignore that Egypt has a serious problem with sexual violence against women that cannot be blamed on the deposed regime and its elements.
    This problem has reared its ugly head long before the despicable attack on Lara Logan.
    You are ignoring the frenzied mob attacks that have received a lot of press coverage in Egypt first and foremost. I’m speaking of the attacks on Egyptian women that have been widely reported and meticulously documented almost every Eid since 2006.
    Please don’t twist this shameful attack on Ms. Logan and go into a defensive posture.
    Why did she have to leave immediately? I can’t believe you even ask that!
    It is time that we acknowledge that problems exist within our societies and stop being so defensive.
    The criminals who perpetrated this barbaric act are not the heroic Egyptians who brought down the autocratic regime of Hosni Mubarak. But they are Egyptian and the New Egypt needs to confront this terrible problem.

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