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Kuwait Concubines: What Century Are We in Again?

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Remarkably, Salwa Al Mutairi, a “female political activist” and a former parliamentary candidate has called for the introduction and:

“provision of enslaved female concubines for Muslim men in Kuwait in a bid…”


“… protect those men from committing adultery or corruption.”

Apparently, you see, she has been told that some rich Muslim men ‘feared’ being seduced:

“… into immoral behavior by the beauty of their female servants, or even of those servants ‘casting spells’ on them.”

Therefore – clearly – it would:

“… be better to purchase women from an ‘enslaved maid’ agency for sexual purposes.”


She seems to have thought it all through: these elslaved women would be rented out as maids are today by an agency. She even notes a potential source for these enslaved women:

“These maids could be brought as prisoners of war in war-stricken nations like Chechnya to be sold on later to devout merchants.”

None of this is, apparently forbidden by religious law:

“… Caliph Haroun Al-Rashid (766-809 AD) was married to one woman but possessed 200 concubines.”

Good to know.

The mind, as they say, boggles.

5 Responses to Kuwait Concubines: What Century Are We in Again?

  1. Uzoozy 14/02/2012 at 6:11 AM

    Markjuliansmith, are you one the 20 percent of the population that are mentally sick and are on prozac.
    Read the Quran properly there is nothing bad written, there, are many texts related to the time Quran was reveled by God and not for present time.
    Try reading the Bible you will probably be horrified with the text.
    Your beloved King Solomon ahd 700 wives and concubines .

    Women are the most honored in Islam, and are to treated kindly, The prophet always commanded that women must be treated gently and with respect(which they deserve)

  2. Uzoozy 14/02/2012 at 5:54 AM

    Mark julian smith,
    ‘Do some actual reading of the Quarn to get the right picture.

    There is no evil of women in Islam, women are equal to men.
    Men and women have different roles in life.
    Husbands are the head of the family earn and look after the family.
    Women are to take care of the household.
    Only one wife is allowed, max is 4 however there are many conditions under which more than one wife is allowed. If not followed the Muslim is answerable to Allah.

    Muslims are not allowed sex outside the marriage.
    In western societies with all the freedoms, there is an rape every 7 seconds in Usa. 48 persons are murdered and a lot of women are murdered when they go out unascorted.
    Freedom for what so they can be raped and killed.
    You live life once and its the hope of each Muslim is to follow the Quran and the prophets Sunnah so they are admitted to Paradise,
    Piety of Muslims is following the Law as laid out in the Sunnah and Quran, one is in peril if they do not follow the commandments of the one and Only God(Allah)
    Muslims are not boogeymen

    May Allah show the right path to all to follow.

  3. markjuliansmith 18/06/2011 at 2:42 PM


    Grimace and claim bigotry as much as you like, intellectually attempt to squirm and hide from the truth ‘Know who you are by the company you keep.’ if you cannot see the text of evil in your own text below is exactly the same text which delivers the exactly the same outcome for exactly the same reasons.

    You yourself LM have stated the very reasons why the Islamic text needs to be changed regards Other which forms Otherphobia against women in particular – Change the Text or Change Nothing – The terror and subjugation particularly of women continues as it has from the seventh century.

    “Islamic text can be interpreted purposively to have regard to human rights, or it can be interpreted in a fundamentalist backwards way. This is the same for all religions.”

    Deary me LM your whole argument falls in a tragic heap by your own admission which is the whole point – Firstly if the text was unable to be selectively misinterpreted as it can, be accurately interpreted then there would be no issue – regards the nature of Islamic Text regard the status of women or the status of Other for that matter.

    The very point is two (and many more interpretations) are possible which inform evil against Other.

    Secondly the abhorrent defense so often used which underlines the nature of religion as the creators of bigotry and its enforcers – Other Religions do it – Their the same why pick on us – Hear yourself – here the torment of the victims of such a position cry out from their early graves at the grossness of such an admission and horrible excuse for such heaped sorrow.

    The fact is the Quran text has women subject to men – have you read it? Are Women not deemed to conform to Mans wishes? Are not Women required to wear marks of their servitude to Man-God?

    You can hide from the truth as much as you like but Islamic text defining Other particularly women as less has and is informing terrible evil against other – do you deny this in the face of the carnage? There can be no misinterpretation as to the text regards Other or the consequences which have occurred since Mohammed had his tawdry self-serving Revelations from Man-God (himself)

    Explain how “Islamic text can be interpreted purposively to have regard to human rights” after you read through the following. The nature of humans actions towards each Other are formed by how they are instructed from foundation text.

    I am not simply saying this for the sake of it for the terrible tragedy which is Islam (which does not preclude other Religious texts informing the same behavior) is killing people and turning dreams of a better future into nightmares.

    I am simply asking Man-God have further Revelations to change the Islamic and other Texts informing the subjugation of women and harm against Other so their can be NO MISINTERPRETATION – Is that too much to ask?

    This is why –

    Hitler MEIN KAMPF
    “But a Jew can never be rescued from his fixed notions.”

    “How futile it was to try to win over such people with argument, seeing that their very mouths distorted the truth, disowning the very words they had just used and adopting them again a few moments afterwards to serve their own ends in the argument!”

    “In my opinion the most culpable .. those who did not think it worth while .. placing his seducer and corrupter against the wall.” etc

    Hitler’s views as to the nature of Jews:
    moral pestilence, poison, despoilers, germ- carriers in poisoning human souls, shameful, fabricators, falsehood, cunning and despicable, derogatory, evil, cold-blooded, thick-skinned and shameless, alien race, evil spirits, absurdity of their teaching, obstinacy, tricks of logic, falsehoods, evil counselors, perfidy, etc

    Mohammed QURAN
    002.006 As to those who reject Faith, it is the same to them whether thou warn them or do not warn them; they will not believe.

    002.007 God hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they (incur). etc

    Mohammed’s views as to the nature of Other:
    “rejecters of Faith!” = Deaf, dumb, and blind, they are the fools, in utter darkness, deceive themselves, their hearts is a disease, hangout with their evil ones, wander like blind ones, bartered Guidance for error, lost true direction, in utter darkness, make mischief therein and shed blood, transgressors, Be ye apes, despised and rejected., ignorant (fool)!, illiterates, do nothing but conjecture, seek gain in evil, God’s curse is on them for their blasphemy, sold their souls, in insolent envy, wrong-doers, most greedy of life, idolaters, perverse, blasphemers, buyers of (magic), they conceal, evil-doers, in schism, wrong, wickedness, .. etc

    Genocidal Outcomes


    Jewish homes were ransacked, as were shops, towns and villages, as SA stormtroopers and civilians destroyed buildings with sledgehammers, leaving the streets covered in pieces of smashed windows—the origin of the name “Night of Broken Glass.” Ninety-one Jews were killed, and 30,000 Jewish men—a quarter of all Jewish men in Germany—were taken to concentration camps, where they were tortured for months, with over 1,000 of them dying. Around 1,668 synagogues were ransacked, and 267 set on fire. In Vienna alone 95 synagogues or houses of prayer were destroyed.

    (Reference below Only One Muslim Country a supposed Democracy turns into what? Because of what? – Search yourself for anyone of the other Muslim nations acts against Other as we would be here for centuries.)

    USCIRF Annual Report 2011 – The Commission’s Watch List: Indonesia

    Indonesia’s well-known tradition of religious tolerance and pluralism is being challenged by religious radicalism and extremist groups who have found converts in the country, leading to sectarian and societal violence, terrorism, and religious freedom violations. Indonesians rejected extremism at the polls, but it often goes unchallenged by many political, civic, and religious leaders. During the reporting period, nearly 40 places of worship belonging to religious minorities were closed, either forcibly by extremist groups or through the denial of building permits by government officials. Extremist groups also instigated violence against religious minorities, including an attack that led to the death of three Ahmadiyah adherents. New provincial bans on Ahmadiyah practice have been put in place in East and West Java and South Sumatra. Despite some strong public statements and arrests, the reactive approach taken by the Indonesian government has not been an effective deterrent to the violence perpetuated by non-state actors against religious minorities. Indonesian government officials also continue to employ the “blasphemy law” (Article 156(a)) to harass and detain individuals considered religiously “deviant” and continue to allow the enforcement of local laws restricting the rights of women and some non-Muslims, particularly in Aceh.

    CNN, April 5, 2011 “The attempt to discredit al-Obeidy as a promiscuous, un-Islamic woman ties into the idea of sexual shaming in a conservative Muslim society where it’s commonly believed that a woman who has been raped has lost her honor, said Mona Eltahawy, a columnist on Arab and Muslim issues.”

    NYT, April 4,2011 Bangladesh: Islamist Strike Shuts Cities:, “Schools and businesses were shut in the main cities on Monday as a hard-line Islamist group enforced a general strike demanding the adoption of Islamic law and the scrapping of a new government policy that gives women equal rights to inheritance.”

    Al Jazeera 21 Apr 2011 20:09: Pakistani court upholds gang-rape acquittals “All but one of six suspects freed in case of Mukhtaran Mai, who was gang-raped in the name of “honour”, Five men accused of gang-raping a Pakistani woman in 2002 under orders from a village council have been acquitted by the supreme court of the country, their lawyer says. Following the judgement, Mai said she had “lost faith” in the legal system, and she was now worried that the acquitted men would harm her.

    Farzana Bari of Centre for Gender Studies at Qaid-I-Azam University in Islamabad, told Al Jazeera: “The kind of lacunae we have in our criminal justice system, it is not geared to provide justice to women who are especially victims of sexual violence.”

    “In Islam, wives are supposed to stop everything to fulfill their husband’s demands.” Malaysian MP tells parliament April 8, 2011 SMH. The article made it plain the MP was in major part talking about sex.

    Many many more examples exist from Mohammed’s own actions to now -how much more misrepresentation of Islam do you want before you realise it is Islam everyday informing these terrible outcomes against Other/
    ONE RAISIN DOES NOT MAKE A RAISIN CAKE and why it is important to attack and change the Islamic text informing the same evil as the Nazi text of hatred against other not attack Muslims as a people. For everyone of us has a Societal template which needs some improvement.

    Not all Nazi were or are terrorists as not all Muslims were or are terrorists but that does not change the outcome – both are informed by exactly the same vitriol against other therefore the results we see.

    The Search for Major Plagge: The Nazi Who Saved Jews.

    Two Muslim 9/11 first responders, officials said- a Fire Department City of New York (FDNY) firefighter and Emergency medical technician (EMT)

    The fact is until we squarely face the fact secular and religious informing textual evil against other results in the same outcome and should be treated in the same way.

    Whether the evil is informed by warped notions revealed by a Man supposedly with conduit to a supernatural being with bigoted views or by warped notions revealed by a secular Man with bigoted views it results in the same outcome.

    “Council on American-Islamic Relations released a third ad featuring Muslim, Jewish and Christian leaders discussing their faiths. The spot ends with the slogan, “We have more in common than we think.””

    As you pointed out LM they do have a lot in common – THIS IS THE POINT – and for the sake of humanity they had better change the common text informing evil against Other even between themselves. If they do not change the text which informs new citizens, to protect the rest of Humanities security Other has a right to do so based on the notion of proven and imminent danger.

    LM please please understand humanity uses text to build and destroy I am not asking to delete the ‘good’ text just that text which by your own admission be it rightly or wrongly clearly each generation informs evil against Other – particularly women.

  4. LM 15/06/2011 at 10:11 AM

    @markjuliansmith – i assure you this has NOTHING to do with Islamic text.

    As a Muslim Arab woman, not only am I appalled at what is being said here (which I assure you most Muslims would find disgusting), I refuse it to be associated with my religion. There is nothing remotely resembling any of this backwardness in Islam. This has something to do with her lack of education and nothing else.

    Shame on her for calling herself a female political activist. She is nothing of the sort. Our religion does not permit such evil – and women are not subjugated by it whatsoever.

    Islamic text can be interpreted purposively to have regard to human rights, or it can be interpreted in a fundamentalist backwards way. This is the same for all religions. It is just a pity that we have people like her standing up and calling for such medieval actions in the name of our religion

  5. markjuliansmith 12/06/2011 at 9:06 PM

    It is amazing this Islamic text is allowed out to infest humanity with its madness. It can because it is a religion created for madmen by madmen.

    Until these definers of bigotry and is actual creators and promoters Religion are told to change text informing evil against other particularly women or else they are closed down terror and subjugation of women continues unchecked by sanity.

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