Saad Al Dosari

Jeddah Residents: ‘Rain, Rain Stay Away’

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If you are a Jeddah resident, there is a huge chance that you already have it, and no one can actually blame you.  It is Ombrophobia – the fear of rain or of being rained on. Now with the start of the winter season, the experiences and images of the last two years are descending and haunting the hearts and minds of Jeddawies (residents of Jeddah).

According to this piece of news, 94% of Jeddah residents (a sample of more than 4000) are expecting heavy rain this year and somehow expecting a repetition of the last two years’ crises. Keeping in mind the limitations and flaws of such an online survey, the percentage is still high.  Maybe the problem is that there is no clear communication about the progress of the different projects in the city, or maybe Jeddawies no longer trust official statements.

No one at this stage can claim that he can predict what will happen if rain starts falling tomorrow. Jeddah is now like a patient where many doctors are operating at the same time. Several and different projects are taking place at once. There is not a major road in the city where there is no project of some sort is taking place. It feels that what we forgot to do in the last 30 years, we are aspiring to accomplish here and now.

In all cases, Jeddaweis will definitely develop some kind of OCD (Obsessive–compulsive disorder) these coming days following up weather channels and news and waiting for the ultimate test of the success of all these projects, a test I hope the city will successfully pass.

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