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Body Piercing: Trend On the Rise in Saudi Arabia

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The international trend of body piercing has hit Saudi Arabia, Al-Arabiya TV reports. Most see it as ‘blind emulation’ of foreign culture, but some see it as signs of discontent on the part of the women being pierced. Whether it is rebelling against parents and social expectations, or simply asserting individuality, the practice has raise concerns. This is very much a female issue, though: Saudi males are not getting pierced.

Pierced ears are the norm for Saudi women: one would be hard-put to find little girls without it. But other piercings, particularly on the face, are another matter. Tattoos, though forbidden in Islam, have a long history and tradition within Bedouin culture; piercings, particularly nose piercings, do as well. But this isn’t that. It’s clearly a cultural import, but one whose meaning is modified by those having it done.

Body piercing trend rises among Saudi women
Al Arabiya

Several trends seen as imported from Western cultures have invaded Saudi Arabia and encouraged women to seek change through them. While clothes and accessories seem like the most traditional influences, piercing is the latest and most outrageous fashion among Saudi women.

Piercing the lips, tongue and navel are the most popular with Saudi women, reported the Saudi edition of al-Hayat newspaper.

According to the paper, Saudi girls differ on the piercing trend. Some do not think this trend makes the girl more beautiful and in fact argue that it makes her look ugly. Some go as far as considering a girl who pierces any part of her face unfeminine. Several men agree with this point of view and say that they never get attracted to girls with piercings.

Others argue that piercing adds to their beauty and makes them look different.

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