Tunis: Going, Going Gone, All the President’s Men

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Source: Sarah Murray, Flickr

The latest updates in Tunis regarding former regime men :

  • Not less than 50 bodyguards of Ben Ali’s bodyguards have been arrested after one hell of fight between them and the Tunisian army at the borders between Tunisia and Libya.


Burning down Imad Trabelsi’s wine storehouse on the 13th of January


Looters attacking Imad Trabelsi and other regime men’s houses

  • The former minister of interior has been arrested in his home town in a convoy.
  • The head of the presidential security “ presidential guards” notorious Ali El-Seriati and he is currently facing charges of destabilizing the general security and safety in the country.
  • He fell after one hell of a fight where he took refugee with another general in some school.
  • France has reportedly frozen the bank accounts of Ben Ali.
  • Ben Ali’s daughter and her entourage left Europe Disney hotel and moved to unknown place.
  • Ben Ali is in Saudi Arabia thanks to the help of Prince Al Walid , we knew that he was welcomed in Saudi Arabia due to the help of some businessman , no businessman will help him in get asylum in the country especially after his position in the invasion of Kuwait except Al Walid. Surprisingly all of us forgot that Ben Ali was supporting Saddam in the Iraqi invasion to Kuwait in 1990 , no wonder the Kuwaiti people and government are so happy for his fall. I think there are enough reasons to boycott Al Walid companies now.
  • Ben Ali’s niece Kais Ben Ali was arrested in his attempt to flee the country.
  • The government is still having negotiations , now we can see the real cons of having weak puppet shadow opposition parties.
  • The people of Tunisia , the great people of Tunisia have started to restore back their ordinary life , they are not afraid of the Ben Ali’s remaining gang and decided to face them. People across the country have formed public committees to protect their areas and neighborhood.
  • The union du travil in Tunisia has called the citizens to starts working again from tomorrow.
  • You can follow online updates of Tunisia here.
  • A New head for the presidential security was appointed in Tunis from few hours ago.
  • There is a huge battle currently between the presidential security and the Tunisian army allegedly at the Presidential palace ” I do not know if that fight at the Carthage presidential palace in the capital or not”
  • Speaking about the presidential palace “Carthage” , according to the official website of the Tunisian presidency Ben Ali is still the President of Tunisia.*
  • It seems that we are soon going to have the real Tunisian Wikileaks as the official documents incriminating the Ben Ali regime , here is document found at a state security HQ in some governorate where the security spies on the security officers themselves and their families. Reports were made about which security forces officers especially from used to pray regularly in the mosques and also their homes.”can you believe the crime of praying in home or a mosque? ” The wives , mothers and sisters of officers were also monitored so the state security would know who wears the veil or that sectarian dress !! “Veil is banned according to law despite in the past few years it was allowed some how as you have seen in the street”

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