#Feb 3 : Al Tahrir Battle 2, Death Toll Reaches 4

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Photos by Mohamed El-Garhey uploaded on his mobile phones

Here are the latest updates in Al Tahrir battle 2 , it is the second battle our protesters are facing against the regime  after last Tuesday January 25.
First of all the death toll officially increased to 4 and the injured now are not less than 1500.
Second of all it seems that Safwat El-Sherif will the scapegoat of the current Tahrir massacre. More and more people are speaking on TV on air blaming Safwat El-Sherif .
Currently our youth have controlled the square but the thugs are still there and according to writer Balal Fadl there is fear that more thugs will come in to the square more and more.
The Al Tahrir square looks like a war zone tonight. The story is always developing , I will not sleep tonight.
Here are early photos showing the field hospital currently at Al Tahrir square.

There is about 10,000 protesters currently in the square.
The morale of the protesters are high despite the injuries , check the photos of Mohamed El-Garhey uploaded by his mobile phones.

More photos from the clashes taken today by our dear Sarah Carr.

  • Things have turned from bad to ugly in the past half hour , the pro-Mubarak thugs have returned back , some say that they are occupying the October bridge , others say they are taking shelter at the NDP building while many are speculating that they are occupying houses’ rooftops. Now all people agree that live ammunition is being used and two anti-Mubarak protesters were shot down and killed while many are being injured currently. Many injured are in bad critical condition in Al Tahrir.
  • At this moment the protesters regained control over Al Tahrir square and also October bridge “there is a car reportedly on fire”
  • The hospital in Tahrir needs doctors ASAP.
  • I am kind of sleepy but I hear Al Jazeera speaking about someone who was shot by mistake by the army. “This is so bad”
  • There is currently gunfire heard at Talaat Herb square
  • Women and Children are currently hiding at Omar Makkram
  • There is currently heave gunfire you can hear on CNN right now at 5:06 AM
  • Balal Fadl describes what is happening as a massacre
  • Now there are lots of rumors I must discuss here :
1// The army has not blocked or confiscated any medical supplies delivered to the anti Mubarak regime.
2// No doctor has been killed by thugs inside the field hospital , it is rumor

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