Comment on March 15th: Just Another Tuesday in Nablus by David

Sad, beautifully written.


Comment on Saying No to An ‘Open Sesame’ Welfare Agenda by David

Subsidise and support entrepreneurs – from all nationalities. That is the way to create jobs.

The small business owners are the life blood of a country, and they should be nurtured, encourages, promoted and helped – not put through the hoops.

Build the culture of entrepreneurship and we will be half way towards full employment, and the needs of a welfare state will disappear.


Comment on Why Bahrain Trumps Dubai – Demographics by David

Not very constructive Obaid, although clearly the damage done to bahrain’s reputation is now aof a level of magnitude worse than it was. Even should the status quo remain, Bahrain is now going to be a simmering mass of anger for a long time to come, and the shia population is going to feel even more oppressed.

I do not understand why the army moved in, it seemed something positive was coming out of the troubles, an explosion of creativity. Now the future of the country looks much more uncertain, even if the state clamps down and managesnto exert it’s authority.

Bahrain has a long road ahead of it.


Comment on Sunni-Shi’a Friction Takes Sharp Turn for Worse by David

Qadaffi is obviously providing the blue print for others to follow. Lessons to be learned. 1, protests need to get to a critical mass quickly or the government regains equilibrium, 2. Protectors need to be clear on what they want otherwise there is no …


Comment on Title Irony: Why Journalists like to do PR on PRs by David

I think Alex may sort of have a point here. Journalists, and I claim to be one (but who does not nowadays!) are not letting the readers or viewers the chance to filter the information, to take on board it is a PR person who is speaking. We hide that information to give more credibility to the story.

That said, if it is a story about social media, for example, what matters most is the credentials in that space. It is perfectly legitimate therefore to ignore the PR bit and focus on a person’s blogger credentials. If it was a wider story on the IT industry where that person may have clients, then to hide the title would be misleading.

So I think the bit that is missing in the article is the context angle.


Comment on Israeli Military to Cash in on Egyptian Revolution by David

Israel “…… its belligerent posturing towards first Iraq and now Iran in the east”.
What are you smoking? Last I heard it was Saddam who fired 43 Scuds at Tel Aviv and Israel stood still. Dinnerjacket is often heard wiping Israel off the map.
I fear you are lying Cook. I assume that is why you left the Guardian, even they could not print this nonsense.


Comment on Politics, Meddling and Al Jazeera’s Independence by David

Was it not the Al Jazeera station chief in Beirut who is openly and virulently anti-Israel? As well as blatantly pro Hezzbollah? I recall the infamous birthday party hosted live on TV for a recently released terrorist.
Although I do not watch AJ, I do…